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As a leader in your firm, you know that refining and strengthening marketing and business development needs to be done right. But it doesn’t have to take forever or swallow up your firm in the process.

Tailored to the size, budget and culture of your firm, our approach includes structured activities that illuminate insights and help you focus on strategic thinking and actions across marketing, strategic planning, business development and coaching. Both for the short and long term.

What We Offer:

and Strategy

    • Strategic planning to build a shared vision
    • Client interviews and research to identify needs, desires, and perceptions
      • Facilitated discussions to develop consensus – among your attorneys and with your clients
      • Marketing plan development to best reach your clients and prospects
    • Marketing operations (audits; department configuration) to maximize efficiency
    • Staff coaching based on personal goals and feedback
    • Interim in-house marketing director assignments to build effective marketing support


    • Strategy and plan development for firms, practice groups and individuals
    • Metrics and tracking programs
    • Personalized coaching

How We Work:

A successful engagement is a team effort. It’s about partnership and collaboration. You know your business better than anyone.

Our job is to help you mine the knowledge and expertise you already have and then enhance and shape it for greater strategic outcomes. Done successfully, our collective results will be greater than the sum of the parts.

As a good partner, here's what you can expect from Meagley Strategic:
  • Positivity and optimism
  • Someone who will listen, not just hear
  • A bias for collaborating, not telling
  • Drive to decision and action
  • Relentless focus on your success